Niche 4 Ways to Build An Attractive Character in Your Blogging Niche

Have you ever noticed that most of the successful bloggers have some sort of attraction element at play in their blogging efforts? Some might be good looking sure, but beyond that, most of the good ones have some sort of redeeming quality that has people thinking – “damn, I wish I was like that!”Today, we’re going to talk about how you can do the same thing, and create a level of attraction that has readers pouring in wishing they could be like you. Here’s how:1. Pull Out Some Attractive Things in Your LifeWe all have something neat, cool, or attractive in our lives. For John Chow, it was pictures of cars and houses. For Shoemoney, it was an AdWords check. For Frank Kern, it’s the beach bum lifestyle.

The point is that it doesn’t matter what you don’t have, you need to find something cool for people to associate with you. Find a symbol of awesomeness, and share it with your readers. Make it a part of your image – this is very important.2. Set Yourself up As an AuthorityNobody likes to listen to a joker, which is why you need to become an authority in your niche. Now, I’m not recommending that you pretend to be an authority, because people will see through that.I’m suggesting you become an authority. Learn, study, and practice until you become a master of your niche. Then, when you’re ready, showcase your skills to the world.Obviously this means when you’re new, it might take some time before you become profitable, and that’s OK. The average business takes 2-3 years to become successful, and if you aren’t ready for that grind, then you probably shouldn’t be in business anyway.3. Don’t Be Neutral When You TalkIt doesn’t matter what side you’re on, but you need to pick one and embrace it. Being neutral is boring, and nobody likes to read boring blogs. It’s OK to be wrong from time to time, that’s how people learn, but being boring is a recipe for doom.The point is that you shouldn’t say anything unless you can improve the silence. If you’re not sure whether you should be writing something, then you probably shouldn’t be writing it. Write with your heart, and the rest will follow.

4. Take Strong Stand and Don’t Be Afraid to be ControversialIf you aren’t pissing someone off, then you aren’t doing it right. Try to find one successful person that isn’t polarizing. Steve Jobs is a great example – to his dying day he was loved and hated by many. There were very few that stood in the middle.When you say something, say it boldly, and say it with confidence. Confidence is magnetic.This, in a nutshell, is my four step recipe for becoming an attractive and magnetic blogger. Take a look at your favorite blogger and compare these four traits with their own. Do you see any resemblances?

Niche Video Production – Why Working With a Local Company Helps

Video Production should be a priority for any business wishing to make a mark. If you are looking for the best way to make a mark in your niche, the best option is to use visual content as the core of your communication strategy.According to a 2015 HubSpot Survey, 87% of online marketers are using this marketing tool. 86% of colleges and universities have a presence on YouTube while 96% of B2B organizations leverage visual content in their communication. It is now projected that 74% of all internet traffic by end of 2017 will be visual according to a recent KPCB Survey. There are all indications that this is the future of business communication be it in marketing, promotions, and internal communication among other areas.

While there can be no argument about the place of video in corporate communication, there are concerns about the quality and attendant costs. Many businesses have tried in-house projects only to fail terribly and incur losses.If you are looking for a reliable corporate video production company, here are some of the reasons to go pro with a local firm:

Availability: A videographer is readily available as opposed to an out-of-state company. It is easier to book for shooting and hold meetings to guarantee the best end product.

Increased quality: An established company invests in professional equipment for high-quality content. Their team will also be staffed with highly experienced staff who understand what is required to make a good video.

Efficiency: One main reason most projects turn out poorly is due to logistical problems. If you are relying on a local team, you are assured of seamless coordination throughout the entire project. Resources are readily available in case of any changes.

Oversight: A major reason to hire a city team is the fact that you have the chance to closely monitor the project. If there are any shortcomings, you can highlight them before they affect the final material.

Cost-savings: Local production translates to cost savings without compromising on quality.

Objectivity: An in-house team might not judge the quality of your production objectively. This is why using an established production company adds a lot of value to the project.

Better working relationship: A local producer is easier to work with because they most likely understand your business. There is a rapport and a long-lasting relationship between your businesses can develop, which is a win-win situation.

A corporate video production boosts your brand’s visibility locally and globally at a great price. This is a versatile communication tool that can be utilized for various business purposes. By using a local company, your business gets more value for money and benefits from the expertise and professional equipment provided.

Niche Are You Ready To Be UK’s Next Top Retailer?

It takes more than a stroke of luck to get your eCommerce business to the top ranks of popular online retailers in the United Kingdom.Judging from InternetRetailing’s list of top 500 retailers in the UK for 2017, your success lies in three key areas.Aside from selling your product to the right market niche, keep your focus on the following:

Shipping and logistics

Communication tools


Amazon, Boots, Asda, John Lewis, M&S and Tesco have apparently been focusing on these areas, hence the reason they were named Elite retailers in the third annual IRUK Top500 report.Prioritise the Best Delivery OptionThe common denominator that UK’s top retailers share is the ability to deliver items to their customers fast.

The faster you can get their ordered items to their doorstep, the more reason you give them to buy from your store again.Market researchers say 65% of online consumers prefer next-day delivery while 57% like the click and collect option.Communicate with the Appropriate ToolsSome people prefer to talk on the phone, while others prefer to chat.Knowing your customers preferred method of communication will enable you to invest in the right tools for your site.You can also engage customers with product reviews, blog comments and forum boards.Some of the bigger retailers even invested in advanced communication apps, to give their customers a better shopping experience.Take John Lewis, which has a personal style app that helps a buyer identify a clothing or footwear style that is most suitable for them.Plan Your Pricing Half of the top 50 retailers in the IRUK Top500 sell their products at a lower price than Amazon or eBay.However, do not make the mistake of pulling down your prices just for the heck of it because it can do your business more harm than good.You don’t want your customers to think of your goods as shoddy and substandard because they’re too cheap.Consider dividing your customers into groups so that you can adjust the price of your product based on the customer group whom you’re selling to.Offering a seasonal discount or an introductory come-on is another marketing tactic to consider, as it will encourage customers to buy more items from your site.

Now if you’re selling high-value items, and there’s just no way you can pull down their prices, you can take Argos’s approach.Renowned British retailer Argos offers a “buy now, pay later” scheme which allows buyers to stagger their payments.UK’s leading retailers won’t hesitate to try new selling tactics if it means improving their business, so neither should you.But you will want to take what Ian Jindal, InternetRetailing’s editor in chief, said to heart:”At InternetRetailing, we believe that retailers of all sizes can compete and we hope that thisTop500 goes some way to sharing a clear understanding of what the leaders in multichannel retailing do, how they do it, and how their successes can be emulated by concentrating on the tools and technologies that make a real difference to profits.”